Title: Swing Life Away Alternative
Artist: Tim McIlrath
Played: 1546 times

Rise Against Swing Life Away Alternative Live studio version (x)

do you like that new version Tim did of Swing Life Away on Radio 1?

I don’t dislike it but I prefer the original, it’s just such a classic song but I totally understand him changing it up because he’s been playing that song for about 10 years now

» Tim on BBC Radio 1 (full)


The whole thing is on the BBC’s website, for those who missed it or want to listen again.

Pretty good audio of Tim covering Lorde’s Tennis Court on BBC Radio 1’s Punk Show with Mike Davies

dang, we just passed 4,000 followers on tumblr!

thank you all for following, this is crazy, i never thought this little blog would gain so many followers! 


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