Check out #kerrang this month for an interview with Tim and Joe about our new album #theblackmarket available now http://ift.tt/WooEwG

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sry I can’t post the direct link. this is from my phone, but PLEASE READ. it’s a nice little informative piece about the animal industry and context for the “the Eco-terrorist in me” written by Tim

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» Matt Schicter speaks with lead singer, Tim McIlrath in Toronto.

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Tim McIlrath interview

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  • Interviewer: Tell me, how many times has your name been slaughtered?
  • Tim McIlrath: It's been butchered so many times that my wife won't even change her last name.
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Got my signed copy of #RiseAgainst #TheBlackMarket today! It’s incredible and perfect and I want to explode fjwmdrlwn

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» Rise Against - Tim McIlrath about frustration, naivety and James Hetfield

There are few musicians that exude a basic rest. Tim McIlrath of Rise Against is one of them.The man who lyrically responding to grievances for years, is without doubt one of the most balanced people on this planet. But still, there are always points where he also comes to its limits

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“I’m really comfortable with what Rise Against is, like what our legacy is. I stand behind everything we’ve done. You get a lot of artists – like a guy who plays in a country band but deep down he’s a punk rocker at heart or vice versa. Maybe someone in the hip-hop scene, really they love jazz. And for me, Rise Against is what I love to do, and I’m not trying to be anything else. And I feel like we’ve connected to people that understand it” — Tim McIlrath

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